Video review of 360 Total Security

360 Total Security360 Total Security is a free antivirus security program that lets you choose from 5 different antivirus engines to run from. Meaning: you can pick and choose from 5 different engines to power 360 Total Security.

Program name: 360 Total Security

Price: 2 free versions and 1 paid version (12 euros per year)


Visiting 360 Total Security home page

When you access the homepage for 360 Total Security. There are two main download options. You can choose to download the mini installer that will grab more files before doing the actual install or you can choose the offline installer. The offline installer is the complete installer that doesn’t require an active internet connection to work.

360 Total Security offers on demand scans of your computer and real time protection from new threats as they appear on your computer. The software developer behind 360 Total Security had some miscommunication issues with the big 3 antivirus testing organizations a few years ago. There was some bad press between the software developer and the 3 antivirus testing organizations (they test and compare antivirus software) but all that has passed.

2 free versions and 1 pro version

On the 360 Total Security site you are presented with three different versions of the product. Two of them are free and the third will cost some money. The paid version differs from the other two free version because it contains no ads (free version isn’t that intrusive) and supports “lively themes“. Meaning if you don’t want any ads at all or are not satisfied with the standard look. You can get the paid version and it should make you happy.

The two free versions are 360 Total Security Essential and 360 Total Security. 360 Total Security Essential is just that. This version aims to offer just antivirus protection and no additional extras.

The additional extra features can be found in the 360 Total Security version. This version of the product offers in additional to antivirus functions: patching major applications on your PC, WiFi security check (password, DNS servers), PC junk clean up, and helps speed up your PC. The major applications that can receive patching updates from 360 Total Security includes: Microsoft Windows, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe AIR, Adobe Acrobat reader, and Java Runtime Environment.

Video review of 360 Total Security (free version, antivirus scanner + some extra features)

Below you can find our video walk thru from downloading, installing, running the antivirus on demand scanner, and to just a quick showing of the features of 360 Total Security. There is no audio in this video. This video will show you what you will experience if you decide to install 360 Total Security.

Final thoughts about 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is snappy and does a good job at doing a quick scan of the computer. The ads that were bundled with the software was not intrusive. You may not even notice the ads unless you looked.

Your computer will need more than 1 GB of RAM to be able to use the Bitdefender or Avira antivirus engine. There are 5 different antivirus engines included and if you can choose those two then your system has to be up to date to run them. Up to date: have more than 1 GB of RAM and a modern processor.

360 Total Security supports at least 11 different languages. If English isn’t your native language then no worries! You can find out your version of 360 Total Security and whether or not the virus database needs to be updated by clicking on the version number located on the lower left corner of the program window. After you click on the version number another window will appear. This window will tell you whether or not your virus database is current or needs to be updated.

To access the main configuration or main settings for the program. You can click on “Virus Scan” on the left side and click on “Trust List” on the lower right side to access the settings window. More settings can also be accessed from the “Tool Box” screen (click on “Tool Box” on left side) and click on the feature (main window with large icons) you want to change settings for.