Quick look at the Windows Store on Windows 10

If you choose to login with a Microsoft account for Windows 10. You will have access to the Windows Store. This is what the Windows Store on Windows 10 looks like.

Windows Store home page
When the Windows Store has loaded you will be shown different selections of apps, games, music, to movies available for download.
Windows Store - the app section
The apps section of the Windows Store shows both free and paid apps.
Windows Store - games section
The game section shows dozens of games for your PC to the Xbox.
Windows Store - music section
The music section shows different tunes available from different artists.
Windows Store - movies tv section
The movie section features movies and television shows that are available for purchase.
Top free apps on the Window Store
The top free apps for the Windows Store are: Facebook, Netflix, Adobe Photoshop Express, VLC for Windows 8, Hulu Plus, Twitter, Adobe Reader Touch, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and Dropbox. For some reason the Dropbox app did not have a tile icon. It appears blank at this time on the Windows Store.
Facebook app overview on Windows Store
If you select the Facebook app it will open up the information page for that app. Basic information like the app name, publisher of the app, the price or if it is free will be shown, and screenshots of the app.
Facebook app screenshots
Reviews of the Facebook app.
Facebook app - features overview
Selected features of the Facebook app and the Windows Store also shows you what other apps people also liked.
Facebook app - what new
The app information including: publisher, app size, age rating, processors supported, links to the terms, languages supported, and app permissions are also listed in the “Additional Information” section. The changelog for the app is also shown at the bottom.