Invest in the stock market with Wall Street Raider

Wall Street RaiderIf you like realistic simulation games or would like to become a billionaire overnight then Wall Street Raider is a definite must have game. Wall Street Raider is a game based around the idea that you start with $100 million dollars to $1 billion dollars and try to earn more from your investments in the stock market.

Program Name: Wall Street Raider

Price: $21.95 (Free trial is available)


Installing Wall Street Raider

After you begin the installation of Wall Street Raider. You must make sure to leave that “checkmark” as-is to complete the installation of Wall Street Raider successful. If you pay attention to the installation process and read the text then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Installation was a breeze with no issues.

Starting the game

When you start the game you can continue a saved game or start a new game. If you decide to start a new game you can decide your name and number of opponents to have (computer or human). There is a maximum number of five players supported including you. After deciding on number of opponents, your name, number of years to pay (trial is limited to 2 years, full is 35 years), and the starting cash amount for each player then you can begin playing.

What you can do

You can invest in corporate bonds by buying and selling bonds issued by different corporations. You can also buy and sell government short and long term bonds. If you prefer to buy corn, gold, silver, or other commodities then you can do that also. If you prefer to just invest in company stocks then you can do that too.

When you decide to acquire shares in a corporation. You can decide the percentage of the outstanding shares to acquire. When you acquire 20% or more of a company and there are no other entities that hold a 20% or higher stake then you automatically gain control of that company. If another player or company has a 25% stake in the company and you only have a 20% stake then the other entity would be able to dictate what happens to the company.

To prevent another hostile player (computer player) or company from swooping in and taking control of a company you invest in. You can acquire a 51% stake in the company to guarantee that you have a majority control and can veto any merger attempts or selling of any assets.

A lot of realistic choices available

There are over 1500+ companies that are available in Wall Street Raider. You can acquire a minority or majority control in any of them as long as you have enough money to do so. Other companies and the computer players will also have the same abilities as you.

This isn’t a game where you sit back and watch as the prices goes up. The stock prices can go down, interest rates can change, wars can break out, mergers can occur, bankruptcies can take place, and your opponent may buyout your bank and freeze your credit if you ain’t paying attention. Other cool features of the game: you can change company sticker symbol, change company names, startup a new company, fire the management of a company, set dividends, merger different companies together, borrow from the bank, issue bonds, cheat mode is available, and acquire distressed assets.

Video review of Wall Street Raider

If you watch our video (has no audio) walk thru of Wall Street Raider. You can see that we start with $1 billion dollars and acquire a pharmaceutical company and three other minor companies. Each of these companies had a market capitalization of anywhere from $100 million to $300 million dollars. After we acquired a minority or majority control of each and set the ticker speed to 100 (fastest) and watched as we managed to double our net worth to $2 billion dollars after almost a year.

Final thoughts

This can become an addictive game to play. If you like stock markets or want to become a “tycoon” for a few hours or days then this is a great game to play. Just be careful or you may become addicted to this game.