Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader on your Windows 10 system

The following is a picture guide on how to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, used to read PDF files, on your Windows computer system.

The download link for Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows 10:

Make sure to uncheck the option for installing the McAfee program before proceeding to download the installer.

After download of installer, run the installer program
After you have successfully downloaded the 1-2 MB installer program from, you can launch the installer program. Windows 10 may show a window like the one above asking for your permission to run the program.

Another window requesting permission to run the Adobe Acrobat Reader installer program
This is the second and final permission dialog window that Windows 10 may show you. The window is asking for permission and verifying that you want to proceed with launching the installer program from Adobe.

Adobe Acrobat Reader installer program has launched
After you give permission for Windows 10 to run the Adobe Acrobat Reader installer. The Adobe program will begin downloading the actual Adobe Acrobat Reader program from the Internet. The 1-2 MB installer file you downloaded didn’t actually contain the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. It only contained the installer that will download a much larger file from Adobe.

Almost done, downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader program
After the Adobe program completes the download of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. The installer will automatically begin installation of the program.

Adobe Acrobat Reader install was successful
Your default Internet browser will appear after you have clicked on the “Finished” button that is shown after the installer has completed its job.

After the successful installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can now open and read any PDF files that your heart desires and you can use the Acrobat Reader program to fill in PDF forms.