How to get the MD5 or SHA checksum in Windows 10

So you are using Windows 10 and have a file that you want to find the checksum? You will need to open the command prompt or Windows Powershell to get this accomplished without having to install another program.

*Replace the file location used in the example below with your file’s location.

After you have opened the command prompt or Windows Powershell. To find the MD5 checksum enter:

CertUtil -hashfile C:\Users\frank\Downloads\ MD5

SHA256/512 Checksum:

CertUtil -hashfile C:\Users\frank\Downloads\ SHA256

CertUtil -hashfile C:\Users\frank\Downloads\ SHA512

When you try to get a file’s MD5 checksum it will be a lot quicker than a SHA checksum. When you are trying to find a file’s SHA256 or SHA512 checksum. The time it takes to process the command will be a little longer because its more advanced and it will take longer if the file is large or not.