How to disable Firefox’s location request

Disable firefox locationIf you are a Firefox browser user then this may of have happen to you a few times. Whenever you visit a location page on a major website or any site that wants to know your location. A prompt may appear asking for permission to share your location with the site that you are browsing on.

What happens if you opt to share?

Firefox will use Google’s Location Services to figure out your location. This means that Firefox will send to a third party your computer’s IP address. Firefox will also send to a third party information about wireless networks that are near you (if you are mobile capable). Firefox will also send a Google identifier (that Google apparently changes every 2 weeks).

Who is this third party?

Google Location Services is the the party that receives all the information above. When you opt to let Firefox figure out your location. All the information above (IP address, nearby wireless access points, your Google Location Services identifier) will be sent to Google.

What happens after Google receives this data?

Google tries to determine your location based off the data received. Google then sends back to your browser the estimated location. This estimated location information then is given to the website that you are on.

How do I disable all of this?

Depending on whether or not have you disabled this setting before. You can permanently turn it off in a few clicks. You can click on any of the pictures below to enlarge them.

First, launch the Firefox browser if you haven’t already.  In the address bar type: about:config

Disable firefox locationSecond, when you see the “This might void your warranty!” warning page. You click on the “I accept the risk!”.

how to disable firefox locationNext, type geo.enabled in the search area provided.firefox locations settingsFinally, to disable it you have to change the value that shows “true” to “false”. To accomplish this you simply double click on it. Now it should appear a lot like what you see in the picture below. Notice it says now under “status” as being “user set” and not “default”. This simply means that you changed the default value and it was set by you and not Firefox.

Disable Firefox location aware
Now you can exit out of Firefox and start it again. The settings should now work.

How to re-enable the location aware feature?

To simply undo all of this. You do all the steps until you reach the geo.enabled one. At the last step you simply double click on it and it will say under “status” as being “default” and under “value” as being “true”. It will no longer say “user set” and “false”.