How to update iTunes on Windows 10

Installing iTunes on Windows 10

If you already have iTunes installed on your Windows computer then you may get prompted every few months to update your version of iTunes. Follow the steps below to understand the iTunes update process.   iTunes will ask you if you want to download the latest version of iTunes when a new version is released. […]

How to get the MD5 or SHA checksum in Windows 10

So you are using Windows 10 and have a file that you want to find the checksum? You will need to open the command prompt or Windows Powershell to get this accomplished without having to install another program. *Replace the file location used in the example below with your file’s location. After you have opened […]

LibreOffice error code 1303

If you are trying to install LibreOffice and get an error dialog with Error Code 1303 then a simple fix is available. Your installation of LibreOffice will not continue until you exit the installation process and restart your computer. To solve the error code 1303 you can try exiting the installation and restarting the computer. […]

How to disable OneDrive in Windows 10

If you are not using Windows 10’s OneDrive feature. You can save some resources by simply disabling OneDrive. OneDrive won’t be removed from your computer but this will stop OneDrive from syncing with Microsoft and removes it from the panel in File Explorer. To disable OneDrive in Windows 10, follow these steps: 1) Press the […]