A look at Trend Micro Maximum Security

Trend Micro Maximum SecurityTrend Micro Maximum Security is a security product offering from Trend Micro. If you’ve brought a new PC or laptop in the last few years then there is a chance that the preloaded security software was a Trend Micro product. Today, we will be reviewing Trend Micro Maximum Security, this is a antivirus product and includes a firewall called Firewall Booster, that works with Windows Firewall (comes loaded with recent Windows operating systems) to protect your computer.

Program Name: Trend Micro Maximum Security

Price: Trial available, usually $89.95 but on sale right now for $39.95

Homepage: http://www.trendmicro.com/

Trend Micro is a major antivirus and security vendor that has been in the business for a really long time now. Trend Micro Maximum Security is no exception that it was responsive and quick. The downside was that the install took quite a bit to finish.

171 MB installer file has to be downloaded

After you download the installer from the Trend Micro homepage and run it. The installer will fetch an additional 171 MB of content from Trend Micro servers. After the 171 MB of content has been downloaded. The installation will really begin and then it will take at least 5 minutes to finish the whole installation process.

Protect up to 5 devices (PC, Mac, or smartphones)

Once the installation has completed and Trend Micro Maximum Security launches. You will notice that the expiration date of your trial will be shown at the low center of the application’s main window. One cool feature about Trend Micro Maximum Security is that when one single purchased license of the product. You can protect up to 5 different devices. This means you can protect your smartphone, Windows computer, or Mac computer.

The application has four main options: Device, Privacy, Data, and Family. Above the trial expiration date is a big “Scan” button that you can press to do a manual scan of your computer. If you click on “Device” it will give you the options to configure the security settings for your computer. You can also get a computer health checkup. If you are interested in protecting other devices like a Mac product or a smartphone, you can also learn more about it from the “Device” screen.

Security settings

If you click on the security settings option from the “Device” screen. A configuration setting window will popup and give you the various settings you can adjust. The main window of the settings window will allow you to set the antivirus protection level for your computer. The options are “Normal”, “Hypersensitive”, and “Switch protection level automatically”. The default with Trend Micro Maximum Security was “Switch protection level automatically”. Also checked by default was settings that would make Trend Micro Maximum Security delete any files that are a possible security threat to your computer’s health.

Within the settings window under the “PC Health Checkup” choice. You can configure whether or not Trend Micro Maximum Security checks for security vulnerabilities for Windows Update, Firewall Protection, Internet Explorer, User Account Control Settings, and Flash Player Update. Trend Micro Maximum Security will also check for by default if your system has any unneeded or temporary system junk files that can be safely deleted. Trend Micro Maximum Security will also by default run PC Health Checkup when your do a quick or full security scan of your computer. If you don’t want PC Health Checkup to run when you run a quick or full security scan then you would want to uncheck that option.

Video review of Trend Micro Maximum Security

Watch our no audio walk thru of Trend Micro Maximum Security for a complete rundown of almost everything shown in the program.